Battery test 26650, comparator

This comparator includes the following battery sizes: 26500, 26650, 32500, 32600, 32650

Individual tests

CompLayout14500 CompLayout18650 CompLayout26650 batteryIndex

Comparision of capacity at all currents
Select the two batteries to compare, both set of curves will be shown in the chart.
The dark trace is from the B battery in the test.


See test/review

See test/review

Currents to include: 0.2A     0.5A     1A     2A     3A     5A     7A     10A     15A     20A     30A    

* Any cell marked with an asterix is made on a full 4 terminal test station, this means it will look better at high currents.
It is allowed to make copies of the above comparisons chart and post it on the internet, as long as a reference to this article is included. To make a copy (when using Windows) use Alt-PrtScr, then paste the screen dump into Paint. Mark the picture and crop it. The best format to save it in is PNG, this secures full quality and minimal picture size. Note: It is not possible to save the picture directly.