PowerGenix AA NiZn 2500mWh (Green)


Official specifications: PowerGenix%20AA%20NiZn%202500mWh%20(Green)-info
Maximum temperature raise at different discharge currents: 1A:+3,0C, 2A:+5,9C, 3A:+8,7C, 5A:+14,8C

This is a chemistry that was sold as a replacement for NiMH and better suited to replace alkaline, due to the higher voltage. In practical usage the cells has a rather low lifetime, probably because they are over discharged when used as replacement for alkaline or NiMH cells.
The official capacity is not specified in mAh, but instead energy is specified in Wh, probably to hide the fact that they has less capacity than NiMH batteries.

DSC_5885 DSC_5886

DSC_5888 DSC_5892



The two cells I have tested are not very well matched and the capacity is not very high. The voltage is much higher than NiMH and alkaline, it is even higher than lithium cells.







The charging uses the same algorithm as LiIon and Pb batteries, but with another voltage, i.e. they require a special charger.


The cells might be useful for some special applications, but as replacement for alkaline or NiMH they are not very good. The higher voltage might damage equipment and the cells will be damaged when discharged to much.
The different in capacity between the two cell I have tested is not very good.
I do not believe the cells are useable as replacent for alkaline or NiMH.

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