7, 14 & 16 segment display modules specifications


These modules seldom have very precise specifications on EBay or Aliexpress, here I have measured my displays and listed size and current consumption.

This is a supplement to the the 7 & 14 segment display driver library, that is here

Filter specifications like "- 30", means from previous value up to, but not including 30, use CTRL-Click or SHIFT-Click to select multiple elements.
ImageDisplayDigitsChainableDecimal point & Colon Type ColorDigit heightModule heightModule widthData pinsPower ledmA offmA blankmA lowmA high
HC164 2x4 digit8929.235.420.50.519
HC595 2 digit291835.730.010.0172
HC595 4 digit49.121.940.130023
HC595 4 digit410.223.350.330035
HC595 4 digit420.3338130058
HC595 8 digit89.121.971.530.020.0285
HC595 Large static144.4673830041
HC595 Static single11430.212.630050
HC595 Static212.625.538.2300102
HC595 Static312.625.550.8300148
HC595 Static412.625.563.5300196
HT1621 6 digit LCD display614.930.576.330.130.4221
HT1621 12 digit LCD display129.932.695.630.10.40.4
HT16K33 4 digit LED display (DIY)420707220.260.267.594
HT16K33 6 digit LED display (DIY)61436.175.820.260.2613195
HT16K33 4 digit LED display41426.850.320.260.267.2114
HT16K33 4 digit large LED display4305112020.240.243.658
HT16K33 8 digit LED display81420.110120.250.259136
HT16K33 4 digit 14 segment LED display413.728.35120.240.2410162
HT16K33 4 digit 14 segment LED display613.4407620.250.2518283
HT16K33 4 digit 14 segment LED display613.4407620.250.2518283
HT16K33 8 digit 14 segment LED display813.721.3101.720.30.318280
HT16K33 8 digit 14 segment LED display813.721.3101.720.30.315233
HT16K33 4 digit 16 segment LED display420.1408120.260.2613200
HT16K33 4 digit 16 segment LED display411.928.
HT16K33 4 digit 16 segment LED display411.928.
MAX7219 8 digits89.12270.930.02615.3285
MAX7219 8 digits89.115.182.630.02513220
MAX7219 8 digits814.219.210230.021024415
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)41427.
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)41427.
TM1637 4 digit (Blue PCB)49.123.541.820.160.16565
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)49.122.545.123.33.3979
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)49.122.545.123.33.3978
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)49.122.545.123.33.3974
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)49.122.545.123.33.3867
TM1637 4 digit (Black PCB)49.122.545.
TM1637 6 digit RobotDyn614.122.29023.33.311111
TM1637 6 digit RobotDyn614.122.39023.33.39.590
TM1637 6 digit, 6+ keys69.2294420.150.158103
TM1638 4 digit49.125.1663101119103
TM1638 8 digit, 8 indicators, 8 keys89.249.47633.5423275
TM1638 8 digit, 16 indicators, 8 keys81451.610130.20.723101
TM1638 8 digit, 16 keys89.170.37030.75.518235
TM1638 8 digit, 2 indicators, 24 keys89.299.9803111128250

Current consumption on display module is depend on LED color (red-green-yellow are similar, blue-white are similar), voltage, resistors and driver chip. I have used a separate 5V power supply for the display. With lower voltage (Like after Arduino input diode or regulator) the current consumption may be lower.
My measurement are for my displays, other displays of similar type will probably not use exactly the same current, but will usual be near my measured value.

With the "HT1621 6 digit LCD display" I turned backlight off for off and blank current measurements (Backlight is not controlled from this driver).


Here are the 7-segment display markings sorted by sizes, this can often be seen on Ebay photos and reveal if they are specifying a wrong size. The inch specification in the type number do not always match my measurement exactly.
The type number may have a letter to denote color: R=Red, G=Green, Y=Yellow/Amber, B=Blue and W=White.

0.36" or 9 to 9.2mm (Multiple sizes here are sold as 0.36")

0.32" is 8.128mm
0.34" is 8.636mm
0.36" is 9.144mm


DSC_8542 DSC_8547

DSC_8550 DSC_8551


DSC_8625 DSC_8555

DSC_8543 DSC_8548

These displays often start with 32, 34 or 36 in the type number, the size do not always match the type number, but usual is between 9 and 9.2mm.

0.4" or 10.2mm

0.4" is 10.16mm


0.5" or 12.6mm

0.5" is 12.7mm


This brand uses another numbering scheme: SM__050_ where the 050 is 0.50" display.

0.56" or 14mm (Multiple sizes are sold as 0.56")

0.54" is 13.716mm
0.56" is 14.224mm

DSC_8556 DSC_8544

DSC_8545 DSC_8546

These displays often start with 54 in the type number.

0.8" or 20.3mm

0.8" is 20.32mm


1.2" or 30mm

1.2" is 30.48mm


The first 3 digits are 120, probably for 1.20"

1.8" or 44.4mm

1.8" is 45.72mm


The first 3 digits are 180, probably for 1.80"