Test controller, alarm popup


This popup can be used to set alarms on different conditions, this alarm can be audible or visual or both.
One place where it is useful is when testing batteries, it can either stop the discharge or sound an alarm when the battery voltage is low.

    Test condition
    Alarm behaviour
    Audible settings
    Visual settings
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Test condition


The alarm test can be either directly on a value, an expression or the end of a test. It is not required to fill both min and max fields, only one need to be filled to test for a alarm.

Change Use this button to change between the three modes.

Alarm behaviour


This line controls the behaviour of the alarm and the interface. Note: Alarms will only be triggered when an alarm condition occurs, not while an alarm condition is present. Using "Retrig" will not change that, but selecting "Continuous" in audible settings will.

The indicator has a couple of different colors when on:
Indicator1 Alarm is enabled, alarm will trigger on alarm condition.
Indicator2 Alarm condition is present.
Indicator3 Alarm condition has gone away, alarm will not trigger again.

Audible settings


The alarm has a couple of different sound that can be used.
All sound clips are 2 seconds long.
Changes to these settings will first be used from the next alarm and not affect any currently playing alarm.


How many times to play the sound clip, fast is every 2 second, slow is every 10 seconds.
When "until reset" is selected the alarm sound will play until "Reset" is pressed or the checkmark in "On" is removed.
"Continuous" is special, it will enable a auto-reset mode and only play as long as the alarm condition exists.


The volume setting, this adjust the relative volume of the alarm within TestController. The computer will have one or more other volume controls that also affect the volume.

Visual settings


The visual indication is a square that fills a large part of the screen, it will flash between two colors.
Changes to these settings will first be used from the next alarm and not affect any currently flashing alarm.
Typing a key will close it after about 1 seconds.


This popup can be controlled with:

#SETALARM no outputOff retrig {expression}/{channel min max}
#ADJUSTALARM no volume/selection
#SHOWPOPUPSYSTEM Alarm {x y {w h}}