Test controller, image popup


This popup is used to show images. It can be used from scripts to show guidance for connections. It can also be used for schematic or PCB layouts. This popup will not change the original image.
It is including in generated layouts inclusive all the loaded images, this means it is possible to make a layout with needed device, popups and images of PCB/schematic, that can be activated with very easily.
There only exist one of this popup and it will show all images.

    Loading files
    Menu interface
    Keyboard shortcut
Main page



The simplest mode is showing one image.


Using zoom mode it is possible to see a small detail in the image.


It is possible to load  multiple images, this will add a few buttons to select images.


All loaded images can be show at once, click on a image to show it.

Loading files


It is possible to select one or more files or directories and the viewer will load all image files. With large images it is best not to load that many, it can take a long time and will use a lot of memory.
This dialog will be shown automatic if #showImage is called without parameters.

Menu interface


In addition to the buttons at the bottom there is also a menu with some functions.
The first group is viewing mode/size:
The second group is simple image manipulation:
The last group is to get a copy of the image: Save and copy will not including any resizing, but will include flips and rotates.

Keyboard shortcut

This popup has a lot of keyboard shortcuts:


This popup can be controlled with:

#SHOWIMAGE {-} {image1{ image2{ image3...}}}
#SCRIPTSHOWIMAGE image1{ image2{ image3...}}
#SHOWPOPUPSYSTEM Image {x y {w h}}

In device definitions it is possible to define a image note with:
#noteImages URL1{ URL2{ URL3...}}
Generally it is best if the images are stored on my server (lygte-info.dk) and if images are supplied together with definitions I will do that.