Test controller, param adjuster popup


This popup can be used to adjust a setting with a slider, instead of typing the value in a Setup popup. It supports all numeric fields defined in the setup popups.

    Select parameter to adjust
    Adjustment range and resolution
Main page

Select parameter to adjust


The combobox contains all fields defined with "#cmdSetup number ..." in the device definitions. It is not filtered and this means not all fields may be valid in the current device state.
The min & max field is filled with the defined min/max values from the device definition and it is not possible to enter values outside the definition.
When using the slider a open Setup popup will be partial synchronized, i.e. the values will be synchronized, but any other fields will not be updated if a :update: is specified.


The last couple of lines in the combobox is "SCPI command for ..." and can be used to directly enter the SCPI command to use for adjusting.

The command is entered in the "Cmd" field and uses same syntax as in device definitions: The min & max field is filled with 0 & 10, but there is no limit on the values that can be used.

Adjustment range and resolution


When a parameter is selected the min/max is filled with the values from the definition, that may not always be safe. More resolution may also be needed.
It is possible to type values into the field, they are limited by the device definition.


To do a fast limit of the range the menu has some options that relates to the current value.


Here a "-10% .. +10%" is select and now the slider is safe to use for 5V devices.

The "High res" check mark will change the number of steps on the slider to four times the default number of steps. The actual number of steps depends on the length of the popup, it starts at 100 for the smallest popup.


This popup can be controlled with:

#SETPARAMADJUSTER no "parameter name" {min max{ "cmd"}}
#SHOWPOPUPSYSTEM ParamAdjuster {x y {w h}}