TestController, Script list popup


This popup is designed to manage the scripts. It list the script name, the filename, how long the script is and if there are some filters.

    List contents
    User interface
    A few popups
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List contents

The list will list all loaded scripts, but system scripts are optionally. System scripts are scripts that are loaded from my server, these scripts cannot be edited or deleted, but it is possible to view/copy the script and replace it with your own scripts by the same name. Names are shown with a " - " delimiter instead of internal ; delimiter to make them more readable.
All script files (Except system) are placed in the same directory and a file can contain more than one script.
The lines is a line count of the script including any header tags.
The filters are used to prevent unusable scripts to show up in the menu, there are the following types: There is also a filter on TestController version, but unsupported scripts are not loaded and for this reason cannot be listed.

User interface

View & copy uses two different format:

A few popups


The delete function will show a popup where it lists script and files that will be deleted.


The view popup.

NoFiles NoScript

All functions will show a notification if they are activated without a selected script.


System scripts. There are a backup stored in the configuration directory, but the scripts are usually downloaded from my server.