DANIU 1M 4mm Banana Plug to Alligator Clip


Official specifications:
DSC_0630 DSC_0631

The plastic bag do not list any specifications.


There is five different colors.


The actual plug is 16mm long and the thick part adds 1.6mm (My other plugs are 17.5 to 20mm long). The plug gave good contact in all the devices and binding posts I tested in.


It is possible to stack the plugs. Other brands of banana plugs fit nicely into the back.

DSC_0660 DSC_0772 DSC_0661

The other end of the cable is an alligator clip, the spring is a bit tight requiring some pressure to open it.


The wire is soldered to the alligator clip, this makes repairs easy, but is not as solid as a crimped solution. The strain relief it not crimped either!

Test and measurements


The alligator can hold a 24SWG ( 0.56mm) wire very tight and solid.


It is also possible to grip a 7.3mm threaded rod


The wires are 95cm long on all cables measured from end of strain relief to strain relief on alligator clip at the other end (i.e. strain relief not included).
I measured ohm by using the "Front+back" setup, this gives the resistance of the wire and internal connection to the plug, this is 20mOhm for one cable, this gives an estimated 18AWG or 0.8mm2 for the cable.
The "All" row is all five cables connected together in one long string, this means 5 times cable resistance and 4 times contact resistance (Alligator clip to banana plug).

DSC_0779 DSC_0782

I did one measurement that included resistance between socket and plug. The red alligator clip supplies current and the yellow is used to measure voltage.
This setup was used for "Front 10A" column.

DSC_0778 DSC_0781

To eliminate the contact resistance I can use both ends of the plug, this way I only measure the actual cable resistance.
This setup was used for "Resistance" and "Front+back 10A" column.


M1: 39.6C, M2: 42.1C, HS1: 45.2C

I uses 10A current for 15 minutes before taking the temperature photo.
It looks like the maximum temperature increase is about 15C, this is not bad for alligator clips at 10A
With 10A current the voltage drop increased from 1119mV to 1158mV after 15 minutes


The isolation is fairly thick. With my caliper I measured the outer diameter to 3.8mm. It is not high temperature resistant, a solder iron at 150C can mark it, at 350C it will slowly melt the isolation.


It do have fairly many thin strands, making the cable flexible.


The alligator clips are a bit on the large side, but has a very good grip and low resistance.
They are good test cables also when the current is some amperes.


The cables was supplied by Banggood for review