Review of Storacell (Powerpax) 4x18650 battery caddy


This style battery caddy has been sold under a couple of different names over time, current it is "Storacell", before that it was "Powerpax" and initially it was "Tools Aviation". This caddy is a new design for 18650 cells, because these cells vary much more in size than other types of cells, it is very interesting to see how well they fit.

How does it look


Each 18650 caddy is delivered in a small plastic bag.


At the current time there is 3 colors (If clear is counted as a color).

DSC_7716 DSC_7717

The caddy has space for four batteries.


The bottom does not cover the full cell size, this makes it easy to push a cell out.

DSC_7711 DSC_7725

At the top is a small flexible piece with a bump to hold the cell.

DSC_7710 DSC_7729

To avoid rattle the caddy is designed to push the cell forward in the slot. This has one disadvantage: stickers on the battery may be damaged/removed when the battery is pushed in, due to the guard in front (If that guard had been a bit more rounded it would have been better, but that is probably not possible to do in the molding). Pressing the cell down when pushing it in will also prevent damage to the sticker.

With batteries


A couple of different size 18650 batteries. They do all fit nicely in.
It looks like it can handle battery up to 19mm in diameter and 70mm long body, flat top or button top does not matter and is not included in the length.


All the above cells could easily fit in.
The NCR18650B is a very long cell and the purple Efest is standard 18650 in size.


The different length is not a problem.


What about other cell sizes? Here I try a 17670 cell, it is to thin, the lock does not work for it.
It is between 16.6 and 16.9mm in diameter.


Two 18350 does fit and will be held in place, but they are very close to the length limit, i.e. only unprotected flat tops will fit (The bottom cell must be flat top, the other does not matter).


With this type of caddy it is very easy to handle full and empty batteries without any markings, just put the empty in with bottom up.


The caddy can handle the different sizes of 18650 batteries and works good. It is an easy way to carry a couple of spares and also to keep order in all the 18650 at home.
There is a few disadvantages with it: the batteries may slide partially out if there is a hard bump and the caddy does not protect the batteries from rain/water.



I am not new to this type of caddy, I have been using other sizes for a long time and likes them.