ThruNite TiKey

This is the first flashlight from a "new" company, it is a small light keychain light in titanium with a 5 mm led.

DSC_6055 DSC_6057

The light is delivered in a cardboard box with and has a foam inlay with cutouts for the light and an extra set of batteries (There is also batteries in the light). A split ring is supplied. It was a bit difficult to get the light and batteries out, until I found out that I could take the foam out and press from the back. The spelling on the box is a bit creative.

DSC_6083 DSC_6087

Comparing it to AA and AAA cells it can be seen that it is a small light.

DSC_6061 DSC_6064

A look at the frontend shows the 5 mm led and the "reflector" (a 5 mm led does not really need a reflector, because most light is already focussed out the front).


Turning the light around and looking at the tail, where the hole for mounting the split ring can be seen. Because the end of the pin is rounded it prevents the light from tailstanding. I would have prefered a more solid split ring, than the supplied one.


DSC_6073 DSC_6072

Opening the light, it is easy to pull out the isolation tube and the spring (This light is no battery crusher). Also note the bump on the pcb, this is a very nice way to make battery contact.
For modders: The battery tube fits a 10180 battery, but it does not make connection. I did not investigate further, because I am not sure that the led can take the voltage, it might be necessary to add a resistor.

Technical specification and measurements

The light uses 3xLR44 batteries with direct drive to a Nichia GS led.

The light is specified for a maximum output of 10 lumen, but this output will drop fast to a much lower level. Letting the light rest will recover some of the brightness again, on the curve below I let the light run for 5 minutes and rest for 15 minutes:


When just turned on the current draw is about 40mA.

I have measured the size: Total length: 46.3 mm, 5.4 mm is the pin at the rear. Diameter is 16.6 mm, pin is 8.1 mm.

The weight is 29 grams including batteries.

The GS led has a purple beam as can be seen on this beamshot:


Comparison to other Flashlights


There are no light exactly like the TiKey on the market, usual titanium lights are much more expensive. I have selected the following light for comparison: All of them has drivers, only the TiKey is direct drive.

Measuring the brightness (With a ceiling bounce) is just as expected, lights with more battery power are brighter. Remember that the TiKey is direct drive and the output will go down, if kept on for an extended time.

La Petite Killer

DSC_6041 DSC_6042 DSC_6043 DSC_6044

ThruNite TiKey

DSC_6037 DSC_6038 DSC_6039 DSC_6040

Peak Eiger #2 warm

DSC_6049 DSC_6050 DSC_6051 DSC_6052

Fenix E01

DSC_6045 DSC_6046 DSC_6047 DSC_6048


The light is a nice light with good machining and a good deal for the current price, but it has some limitations. With the direct drive and small batteries it is not designed to be on for a long time, but more for short bursts of light. This usage pattern fits perfectly with most keychain use.

I believe that ThruNite with this light has shown a good start and am looking forward to the next light from them, I hope they either add a driver or changes to LiIon batteries, and continue making nicely machined titanium lights.