USB battery box 3x18650 XD-168


This usb box does not have any name, but on the bottom it has the type number XD-168. I got it from ebay.
The specifications from one dealer:

How does it look


The box arrived in a envelope.


Included with it was a couple of connectors and a instruction sheet, but I did not get much out of that sheet (I believe that it is in Chinese).

DSC_1952 DSC_1953

On top of the box is a "on" button and on the bottom is a unlock slider for the cover. The on button is flashing green when the output is on.


All connections are on one end of the box: A led for flashlight use, the button must be held down a few seconds to turns this led on or off. A usb output connector and a micro usb input/charge connector and four blue leds to show the power status: While the output is on the power status is flashing.

DSC_1954 DSC_1955

Sliding the unlock slider, and the cover can be lifted off.


The box has space for 3 18650 batteries, either button top or flat top, that can be up to 70 mm long.

There are no pictures of the electronic, the box is sealed.



A load sweep shows that it can deliver up to 1.6A, before the output turns off. It did disconnect the batteries, i.e. before it worked again I needed to connect it to a charger.


On the bottom of the box it says that it can supply 1.5A and the load sweep shows 1.6A, but doing a test at 1.43A does not work for more than 30 minutes.


Reducing the load to 1.25A work better, but again the box has problems after some time.


Using a 1A load (As specified on the website) works much better. The box has a efficiency between 80% and 90% and keeps a very stable output. But it does not run the battery dry, it stops at about 3.3 volt, this is about 500mAh early for a 3400mAh cell.


With a 0.5A load the box can supply current for nearly 11 hours.




The 2600mAh battery does very well, because it has higher voltage than 3100/3400mAh batteries, this allows the box to better utilize the energy from this battery.


The box has a very low noise, this trace is from the 1.25A load (9.3mV).
Note: To measure the noise I did use a more sensitive range.


Reducing the load, does reduce the noise slightly (7.9mV).


The box need a high load to turn on, but when on it will first turn off when the load is very low for 50 seconds.


The charging is not CC/CV but just as good, except for longer charge time. The box needs 12 hours to fully charge a set of 3100mAh batteries (Note: These batteries were fully discharged, if they had only been discharge in the box, it would have been faster).



The time to charger 3100/3400mAh batteries is nearly the same.


The 2600 is slightly faster.


This box is good up to about 1A, with very low noise in the output. Using a mini usb input for charging does also make it compatible with phone chargers, without carrying any extra cables. The build in light makes it possible to connect equipment in darkness.
I have only a few complains about this box, but this does also mean that I am not going to use the box when traveling: Why does it not have a reconnect button. If I replace the batteries or overload the box, I cannot use it before I connect it to another usb charger. I do also wonder if the high turn on current will give problems with some equipment.


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