USB battery box XY-8018


A small slimline usb power bank.
The official specifications are:
How does it look

DSC_5959 DSC_5960

I got it in a clamshell case without any useful information on it.


The contents was the power bank and a cable for charging the box or a phone from the box.


The box is slim and not very thick.


It has two usb connector, one for power input (i.e. charging the box) and one for power output (i.e. charging a phone). There is also a small hole, behind this hole is a red/blue led. As long as the ambient brightness is low the led can be seen through the white plastic case, but in bright conditions the hole improves the possibility to see the led.


The box contains a circuit board and a lithium polymer battery.


The chip is called "something" 4213



Between the two usb connectors the two leds can be seen, one red and one blue.



First the load sweep. The box can deliver about 1A before it reduces output voltage and it will turn completely off at 1.4A.


Running at load at about 0.5A looks very good. The output voltage is slightly above 5V and the output turns completely off when the battery is empty.
The box can deliver about 1800mAh.


Increasing the load to about 1A gives the box problems with keeping the voltage high enough, but generally I will call it acceptable.


There is a lot of noise at 0.5A with 103mV rms and 1Vpp.


Increasing the current to 1A, increases the noise: 120mV rms and 1Vpp.


Charging looks good, it is a CC/CV profile and it looks like the battery is about 2800mAh.


The box is small and has enough capacity to charge many types of phones once. Due to the size and light weight it is very easy to fit the box in a pocket or a small handbag, but remember also to carry the charge cable.
I like the form factor and as long as the phone is unaffected by the noise (I expect most phones will be unaffected), it is a good light weight power bank.


The usb box was supplied by USBANDCO for review.

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