USB battery box XY-8030


A small flat usb power bank with build in micro usb cable.
The official specifications are:
How does it look

DSC_5942 DSC_5943

I got it in a clamshell case with a short feature list on the backside.


The contents was the power bank and a cable for charging the box. A usb phone charger can also be used directly.

DSC_5946 DSC_5947


It does not need any cable for charging other stuff, it is build into the box. It is a micro usb connector.


The box does also have a micro usb connector when it needs to be charged.


The box contains a circuit board and a lithium polymer battery.


There are two leds between the usb cable and usb connector, they can be seen through the box, at least when the outside brightness is fairly low.


The chip is called ETA9635




First test is as usual a load sweep. The box can deliver about 900mA before it reduces output voltage and it will turn completely off at 1.5A.


Running at load at about 0.5A, show that the output voltage is on the low side. The battery protection kicks in at about 2.8 volt, but it turns on again when the battery has rested a short time. The battery will not be over discharged, but may be discharged completely down to 2.8 volt, this adds extra wear to the battery.
The usb output capacity is 1000mAh, this is a bit surprising, usual the rating is for the battery, not for the output. I.e. the box has higher capacity than expected from the specifications.


Increasing the load to about 0.8A makes the output voltage even lower, except for that the performance is fine.


The noise at 0.5A is fairly low with 5mV rms and 44mVpp,


Increasing the current to 0.8A, increases the noise a bit, but it is still low: 6mV rms and 49mVpp.


Charging looks good, it is a CC/CV profile and it looks like the battery is about 1500mAh.


The box is small and with the build in usb cable it is very easy to carry, but the capacity is on the low side. For many phones it will only be half a charge. The low voltage will probably reduce charging speed on some equipment.


The usb box was supplied by USBANDCO for review.

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