PD trigger P30 (Hidance)


This device is a trigger to access PD voltages on a USB-C charger.
I got it from Aliexpress dealer: HIDANCE Official Store


There was no fancy packing or instructions included with the device, it was in a small plastic bag.


It will show output voltage, this is a measured value with low resolution.


Increasing the voltage will drop the decimal point.


When drawing current it will also show a measured current.



Holding down the up or down button will start a automatic voltage selection test sequence.

Voltage drop including USB-C and USB-A connections:
Minus: 0.116V at 3A -> 39mOhm
Plus: 0.0973V at 3A -> 32mOhm
This is a fairly low resistance and much of it is probably from the connections.

A closer look


The trigger do not have many parts. There are two USB-C input connectors, one can be plugged directly into a USB-C PD charger, the other requires a cable. Between them is a blue led that will turn on when the PD selection works correctly. The small square chip is probably a PD interface chip, the microprocessor is hidden below the display. For local power supply there is a voltage regulator (6203A).
The current sense resistor (10mOhm) is placed next to the USB-A output connector.


Below the display is not only the microprocessor, but also a EEPROM memory chip.


DSC_9889 DSC_9891




The display makes this trigger very easy to use, because it will always show the output voltage, but I do not like it uses a USB-B output connector. It makes it way to easy to connect 5V only equipment to it and damage the equipment.