USB-PD & USB-QC trigger 2D001


This device is a trigger to access QC and PD voltages from a USB-C power supply/charger.
I got it from Aliexpress dealer Great vendor


It arrived in an envelop packed in a plastic bag and without any documentation or cables.


The circuit has a microprocessor (ST32F030F4P6. ARM 16kB flash 4kB ram), a usb-c-pd interface chip (Marked PBAB/G7B) and a voltage regulator (MIC5233 3.3V). In addition to this a couple of leds and a switch with left/right and push function.
The Run led flashes when adjusting voltage or doing PD communication, if this fails the Fault led will turn on. The voltage leds will show selected voltage, but it will not be valid if the Fault led is on.


The switch can be moved left/right for voltage up/down and pressed to retry a QC programming. Double presses will switch between QC and PD mode.
Notice the +/- pad, they can be used for soldering wires to get voltage/current with lower series resistance then through the usb connector.

DSC_9722 DSC_9724


Voltage drop at 1A, including one USB-C and one USB-A connector and cable:
Positive: 30mV -> 30mOhm
Negative: 24mV -> 24mOhm

Voltage drop at 1A on pads, including one USB-C connector and cable:
Positive 17mV -> 17mOhm
Negative: 10mV -> 10mOhm

In praxis the voltage drop will be higher than this, due to the power supply and the second USB-C connection


I like this trigger, it is very easy to use due to the switch and leds. The solder pads make it easy to connect DC plugs with pigtails to the trigger and for testing it gives a low impedance test point.

It can be used for testing USB-C power supplies, but also to convert a USB power supply into a more generic power supply.

But do never use it between your phone/tablet and a charger, it is an easy way to damage the phone/tablet, even if it support high voltage charging!