ETA-U90EWE 3 port charger


Official specifications: I got it from Ebay dealer lakeyx101


No retail package for this charger, only a simple plastic bag.

DSC_8846 DSC_8848 DSC_8847 DSC_8849


Very compact for a 3 port usb charger.



All 3 outputs can deliver the same power and has the same over load protection. This is because they are in parallel.


The 2A load test did not last 60 minutes as expected, but terminated after 23 minutes, because the usb power supply shut down. This shows the power supply has over temperature protection (good), but that it cannot deliver rated current.


Reducing the current to 1.8A works much better, this time I could run for 60 minutes.


M1: 73,3C, M2: 69,5C, M3: 43,6C, HS1: 75,0C
The charger do get rather warm at 1.8A


M1: 59,2C, M2: 43,5C, HS1: 72,2C


HS1: 85,9C


HS1: 75,7C


M1: 55,1C, HS1: 65,4C


There is some noise at 0,5A with 50mV rms and 1.1Vpp


It does not get better at 1A with 73mV rms and 1.1Vpp


And even more at 2A with 130mV rms and 1.3Vpp

Tear down



The adapter contains two circuit board, one with the usb connectors and the usb coding and another for the power supply part.

DSC_8885 DSC_8886

The power supply part looks very simple. It has a fuse, a rectifier bridge, a capacitor and a switching controller chip.
On the low volt side it only has a rectifer and a capacitor, there is no feed back.

DSC_8890 DSC_8891

The scatches in the yellow tape on the trafo is worring, this means the usb board can touch and removes one isolation layer (not good).


Here is a view of the rectifier diode and output capacitor.

DSC_8887 DSC_8888

The usb board has the coding resistors on the backside and 3 usb connectors on the front side.


The isolation is rather bad, C6 is mounted between the low volt side and the mains. This is NOT a safety capacitor.

The charger passed 2500 volt isolation test, but failed a isolation test with 5000 volt, this makes it doubtful to use with 230VAC mains. The fail made a shorted between mains and low voltage side (Very bad)!


The idea with a universal usb charger, that can charge most equipment is good enough, but it is not necessary with 3 ports for this, a single chip can make any port universal. The actual charging performance is fairly good, but I am a bit worried about the temperature.
The worst problem is, of course, the bad safety from the mains, especially because it fails with a connection from mains to low volt side.

Stay away from this one!


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