SU100 unbranded usb charger


I have tested this size of charger before and it was not very good. This model here is upgraded with two usb connectors and more output current. How much does this upgrade improve it?

Official specifications:


No retail package for this charger, only a simple plastic bag.

DSC_8489 DSC_8490
DSC_8491 DSC_8492
DSC_8493 DSC_8495

Not much design in this adapter, it is just a box with a power plug and a couple of usb socket.



The power supply is supposed to be a 3A supply, but it can only deliver 0.6A at 120VAC, this is not very impressive.


Using it with 230VAC it can deliver nearly 1A, still way below specifications and I did not see any overload protection.


One hour with 0.6A load works fine.


M1: 35,8C, HS1: 47,2C
It gets warm, but it is acceptable.


M1: 35,7C, M2: 38,5C, HS1: 43,3C


With 230VAC and 0.9A load it also works fine.


M1: 42,3C, HS1: 61,3C

But it do get considerable warmer.

Tear down

DSC_8561 DSC_8562

DSC_8563 DSC_8564

The charger is very compact constructed and I cannot see any isolating elements in it.


DSC_8566 DSC_8568

DSC_8567 DSC_8569


The two leds are color cycling leds, i.e. they will continuous change color when the adapter is powered.


The two red circles shows how close mains and low voltage side is to each other, I will estimate about 0.5mm, this is way to low for both US and EU safety.

The charger failed a isolation test with 2500 volt, this makes it doubtful to use on mains power anywhere in the world.


This charger has considerable less performance than rated, but that is only a minor issue compared to the bad safety.
With this type of charger there is a risk of making the headlines.

I.e. stay away from it.


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