Lumintop 18650 3400mAh usb (White) LM34C


Official specifications: Lumintop%2018650%203400mAh%20usb%20(White)-info

This is a fairly high capacity battery with build in usb charger and protection.

DSC_6556 DSC_6557

DSC_6559 DSC_6560


DSC_6564 DSC_6565

The usb input is placed at the top of the battery. The two small holes are for a red and green led to show charging and done.


The performance is as expected with the used cell, the protection adds a slight voltage drop at higher current (As protection always do). The cell is rated for 4A and can mostly deliver 5A before the protection trips, at 7A the protection will trip fairly fast.



The cell gets warm at 5A, but nothing problematic.






The protection will trip at about 8A, but when the cell warms up the limit will be lower.


The above charging is done with a normal round cell charger with 1A charge current.


Here I am charging with the usb port. The current is a bit lower, this means longer charge time. The termination current is about 50mA, this is a good value for getting maximum capacity.


This discharge is done after the above charge. The cells did get slightly more capacity than I got in my test.


Interesting idea to build a charger into the battery and very practical if you carries something with only one 18650 cell, it can be charged from a phone charger, from a PC or from a power bank.

I only see one disadvantage with the battery: The size, it is a very long 18650 battery and not much equipment will be able to handle that long size.

The performance of the battery is good and the current limit will protect the battery from mistreatment.

Notes and links

The batteries was supplied by Lumintop for a review.

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