Niwalker NWK750 pre-production

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Niwalker is a new flashlight manufacturer and have made two flashlights that they are looking for comments on. In this review I will look at the large one of them. The light is very simple with a on/off tail switch and no modes.

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Niwalker has made a special design in the box, it will fix the light without any extra packing material.


Being a pre-production model, the accessories is very sparse, only the light and a lanyard.

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The light uses a smooth and very deep reflector with a XM-L led at the bottom and a stainless steel bezel.


There are some small fins on the body where the led is located, this helps cooling the light.


The battery connection inside the head is a spring.

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The battery tube has square cut threads and o-rings to seal the light. The tail thread is anodized, making it possible to lock out the light.


The body has groves to improve the grip and with the large head and large tailcap the light is fairly secure in the hand. The body is in two parts, making it possible to shorten the light for use with 1x18650.

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The tailcap has a recessed forward switch and slots for mounting the lanyard in.


Inside the tailcap is the typical spring for battery connections.


Here is all the part the light can be disassembled in without tools.

Technical specification and measurements


The light is rated for use with 2x16340, 2xCR123, 1x18650 or 2x18650. short.

Measured size and weight:
Length: 196 mm in short configuration, 264 mm in long congiruation
Diameter: 28 mm to 59 mm
Weight: 375 gram in short configuration with 2xCR123, 490 gram in long configuration with 2x18650

The light uses a Cree XM-L led.


In the above table I have collected all modes including two user selected modes. The current is measured at 3.7 volt and 72 vvolt. All the estimated runtimes are with a 18650 2600mAh LiIon battery. The estimated lumen is scale from a estimated maximum of 750 lumens.


The voltage sweep has a lot of bumps in it, some of it is probably due to my test setup, but looking at the runtime, some of it can also be found there.


The runtime shows that the light does not really work on all the specified batteries, it is best to stay with 18650 size.


To see how this light handles the heat, I did a run on my test bench with a temperature sensor on the light. The current and brightness is reduced as the temperature rises, but there is also a strange jump in brightness and current.
Note: My test does not simulate actual usage conditions, but are done on a test bench with only the head of the light and no cooling airflow, i.e. the light will get hotter than during normal use.


The light has some noise at about 16 kHz when run with 2x18650 batteries, with a single battery the noise disappers.

The light does not have pwm or any flashing modes.

Comparison to other Flashlights

NiWalker NW750, JetBeam BC40, ThruNite TN11:
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ThruNite Catapult V2 XM-L, Fenix TK21, ThruNite T30:
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For the full comparison to other lights with graphs and beamshots see here


The light was supplied by Niwalker for review.