USB meter: Matek USB power monitor


Official specifications: I found this unit on Ebay at a dealer called 2012moon816

How does it look


The device included a manual that explains how to use all the functions.

DSC_6174 DSC_6163

The device is two circuit board with screws between. To make a mostly closed box some clear heatshrink is used around it.

DSC_6162 DSC_6175

The heatshrink does not close the inside completely around the connectors.

DSC_6164 DSC_6165

From the side it can be seen that the display is soldered over the components. The button to select display is also visible.
Somewhere inside there is a buzzer.

DSC_6726 DSC_6727 DSC_6728
DSC_6729 DSC_6730 DSC_6731

The different displays.



The device needs 4.5 volt before the values are shown correctly.
The watt display is not U*I, but slightly below, this may be due to rounding. Also be aware that the voltage is somewhere between Vin and Vout, i.e. the power is neither input or output power, but something in between.


M1: 54,0C, M2: 52,1C, HS1: 73,3C

Both the device and the connector get hot.


M1: 52,5C, M2: 51,9C, M3: 45,7C, HS1: 70,9C

The transistor to turn output on/off gets rather hot.


This device has some interesting function with mAh and disconnect of output, but 3A is to high a rating for it, the meter will show wrong values.
The voltage range is fairly limited, down to 3.5 volt would have been much better. The software bug with the "end timer" is not a big deal, but it is bad quality control.

The device is accetable and the mAh can be useful, but only if you stay above 4.5 volt and below 2.0A.


How do I make the test