Index of tested USB DC power supplies/chargers (Car chargers) (QuickCharge)

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ImageCharger nameUSB portsPort currentTotal currentStandardOverload protectionNoiseMin input voltageMax input voltageExtraRatingYear
3A USB socket for 12V and 24V133QC3 + Auto40/2809.524V & A Display + WiFi2020
Essager QC+PD Car charger FQC2322.45QC+ Auto + PD8/1066242019
Baseus Car Charger QC 30W BS-C15Q235QC3 + Auto18/1686242019
Baseus Car Charger QC PD 30W BS-C15C234PD + QC3 + Auto8/1496242019
YZXStudio fast car charger 127W ZC916334.8PD + QC3 + Auto16/2278322019
YZXStudio QC-12in1133QC + Auto10/8210122019
Voltbot42.710.8QC + Auto20/8821216V & A Display + WiFi2019
3-Port USB 4.2A Car Charger with QC335.4QC + Auto + DCP68/3756.824V Display2019
Smart USB charger with DC input42.47QC + Auto125/6005.536V & A Display2019
USB Car charger with QC3.0 SY-681233QC + DCP90/4286.5242019
UGreen Car Charger QC CD114235.4Auto + QC334/1396242019
ISDT UC1122QC3 + Auto186/8037.226.1Battery protection2019
Cabletime Dual QC car charger QK50523.66Auto + QC31/1616242019
ESR USB-C PD 45W car charger ASCC54-P27W12+Q3236Auto + QC + PD10/2096.5242018
Baseus Smart Car Charger 2xQC 36W BSC-C15K22.44.8Auto + QC40/2395.524Dual QC2018
Urant USB-C PD 45W car22.44.5PD + QC + Auto116/5957242018
Hoco 2x18W PD car Z20A22.44.8PD + QC + Auto19/2307242018
Yojock USB-C PD 48W car charger S-SC-066236PD + QC + Auto6/1566242018
Tronsmart 4 port car charger QC TS-CC4PC42.49.2QC + Auto7/1527.5242016


My ratings will not always match the one in the review, this is because I can only use a single rating here, without any comments.
RatingsBadBad, this means completey hopeless.
RatingsUseableUsable, the charger works, but there are some serious problems
RatingsAcceptableAcceptable, the charger do a decent job
RatingsFairlyGoodFairly good, there is a few hassles
RatingsGoodGood, everything basically works as it is supposed to
RatingsVeryGoodVery good, this may mean some good extra function.
RatingsMultipleSomething is good, something not, check the review
RatingsNoneNo rating


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