This is a new section (2019) and it will contain various projects I make, this will often be test equipment of some type, but can also be useful Arduino libraries, some notes or something I make just for fun. Some of the projects will include everything to duplicate them (Software, schematic, PCB layout, gerber files, manual, etc.), other will just show what I made, but without detailed information. I do not expect to post new projects very often.

Color Sensor TCS34725 library

This library supports all functions in the TCS34725 color sensor.

Using a Arduino with Test Controller, some examples

This is four examples on Arduino devices (Sketch & TC definition) that can be used with TestController. They are: Digital IO, Servo controller, DS1820 temperature input and DHT22/AM2302 temperature and humidity sensor.

Library for DHT22 and AM2302 temperature and humidity sensors

This is a simple library for using the above sensor, it is designed to not block the processor.

Using a Arduino with Test Controller

How to make a simple device for TestController with a Arduino, this project do not do anything, but has code to enable communication.

Electronic Load XY-FZ25
DSC_3819 DSC_3837

This is a simple project where I use a cheap electronic load, a USB converter and TestController to make a logging discharger for testing small batteries.

Battery test with resistor

This is an example on how to use TestController

Test controller, intro

Software to control and log from many devices: Multimeters, power supplies, electronic load, etc.. The program is not finished, but works. This will also be the main entry to further documentation for the software.

Dual Thermocoupler Input

This is a box with two individually isolated thermocoupler inputs and a computer connection for logging.

Computer controlled battery charger

This is a charge that can handle mange charge modes and support logging with a computer. The project includes hardware files and also a PC program.

Digital Relay 4 Channels 12V

Four MOS transistors with a driver and led indicators, works from both 3.3V and 5V outputs.

Demo 16 bit PWM on Arduino

A sketch that demonstrates how to use 16 bit PWM on Arduino, it also includes code for logarithmic brightness mapping.

Thermo coupler library (MAX31856)

Library to read one or more MAX31856 in the background.

Display HT16K33 6 digit 7 segments 0.56"

This is 6 digit with indicators and key input support.

Arduino fix of boot loaded

This is notes on how to connect the ProMicro and Nano to reprogram the bootloader.

Battery Length Gauge

This is a tool to measure slot length in chargers more precise.

Display HT16K33 4 digit 7 segments 0.8"

After 14 & 16 segment modules, I also decided to do some 7 segment modules. This is the first one with 0.8" (20mm) displays, it has indicators and switch inputs. It includes PCB layout and schematic and works with my display library.

Making Arduino timing more precise

Some Arduinos uses a crystal for their clock, this means they can be calibrated to keep fairly precise time. This project includes libraries and PC software to setup a calibrated second timer on Arduino.

Display HT16K33 4 digit 16 segments 0.8"

After doing the 14 segment display, it was probably inevitable that I also did a 16 segment display. It includes PCB layout and schematic and can be used with my display driver library.

Power output point

A small upgrade in my lab to make high current testing easier and more precise.

Display HT16K33 6 digit 14 segments 0.54"

This is a alphanumeric display module, it includes PCB layout and schematic and can be used with my display driver library.

Cable low resistance meter (milliohm meter)

The meter is designed to check conductor resistance of mains and other cables.

7 & 14 segment display modules specifications

This is a list with measurement of all the 7 & 14 segment displays I have used to make my library. It is sortable and contains filters.

ADS1115 ADC library

This library allows use of any speed and gain of the ADS1115 while running it in the background. It can also do auto ranging conversion.

Display driver library for 7 segment LED and LCD displays on Arduino

This is a "library" that basically supports all the cheap serial 7 segments display found on Ebay, both display, indicators and keys.

Computer controlled logic outputs

This is a 3.3/5V driver can be controlled from a computer to turn on/off, do PWM or pulses of various types, including LED control (NeoPixel). The project includes full schematic, software, manual, etc.

Computer controlled solid state relay

This is 3 isolated mosfet transistors that can be controlled from a computer to turn on/off, do PWM or pulses of various types. The project includes full schematic, software, manual, etc.

Building a high current adapter

This is a fairly old project I have moved from "Anything else" to here. It is a very low voltage drop current "shunt".