Index of tested USB power supplies/chargers (USB-C PD)

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ImageCharger nameUSB portsPort currentPD 9V currentPD 12V currentPD 15V currentPD 20V currentTotal currentStandardNoiseExtraMains inputSafetyYear
Baseus Speed PPS Quick Charger USB+Type C 30W BS-EU9052332.521.53PD + QC3 + Auto27/216Plugable2020
Kuulaa PD+QC 36W KL-CD06231.81.26PD + QC3 + Auto79/1306Plugable2020
Xiaomi Mi 65W USB-C charger CDQ07ZM13.253333.253.25PD + QC3 + DCP33/414Plugable2019
BlitzWolf 30W PD charger BW-S112321.55.4DCP + Samsung + PD + QC149/965Plugable2019
USB-C PD 45W FA-045WPD133332.253PD + QC3 + DCP19/378Plugable2019
Power Falcon 45W PS300E-ACT-10 UK233332.255.1Auto + PD43/428Plugable2019
Tanggood USB Type C Charger 25W PD 3.0 APSPD025WE-G1332.521.53PD48/520Plugable2019
Yojock USC-C PD 60W charger S-TR-1401333333PD + QC3 + Auto89/1447Plugable2019
Coosa 4 Port USB Type C PD 72 W Charger PDS75-4UT014333335.4PD + Auto23/342Loose cable2018
Choetech USB-C Desktop charger 72W PD72-1C3U4333336.4PD + Auto35/292Loose cable2018
Xiaomi Mi 45W USB-C charger CDQ02ZM133332.253PD + QC329/220Plugable2018
UGreen USB-C PD 30W CD1271332.521.53DCP + QC3 + PD77/644Plugable2018
Xiaomi Mi 60W Fast+QC+PD usb charger CDQ06ZM6321.510.8QC + PD + Auto20/140Loose cable2018
Apple 61W USB-C Power Adapter A171812.4332.4PD15/181Plugable2018
BlitzWolf 30W PD usb charger BW-S101332.521.53PD + QC3 + DCP25/307Plugable2018

fail2The isolation fails at 2830 volt, non safety capacitor or very low distances
fail1The isolation fails at 4242 volt
fail0Isolation distance a bit low, but it did not fail safety tests
nofailThere is no failed safety checks in my test and inspection
okI have seen a passed safety test report (This happens very seldom)


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