Index of tested USB power supplies/chargers (Loose cable)

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ImageCharger nameUSB portsPort currentTotal currentStandardNoiseExtraMains inputSafetyYear
8 port 8A USB charger YC-CDA19Q82.46QC3 + Auto + USB-C326/2900V & A Display + WiFiLoose cable2019
Adaptive Intelligent LCD display Multiport Charger WLX-818F62.47Auto + USB-C270/1789QILoose cable2019
Tutuo USB Smart Charger QC-025PT538.4QC + Auto + USB-C17/303Loose cable2019
Tronsmart Titan plus 5 port QC charger U5TF5315QC + Auto44/234Power switch + 5 x QC3Loose cable2018
Coosa 4 Port USB Type C PD 72 W Charger PDS75-4UT01435.4PD + Auto23/342Loose cable2018
BlitzWolf 4 usb and QC BW-S752.46.8QC + Auto53/631Loose cable2018
Choetech USB-C Desktop charger 72W PD72-1C3U436.4PD + Auto35/292Loose cable2018
Xiaomi Mi 60W Fast+QC+PD usb charger CDQ06ZM6310.8QC + PD + Auto20/140Loose cable2018
Fonken 5 port USB charger QC3 SU01Q352.48.7Auto + QC36/366Loose cable2018
CRDC 5 port QC charger PA-T1552.510Auto + QC35/556Loose cable2018
Aukey 5 port USB charging station QC3 PA-T1552.410Auto + QC23/587Loose cable2018
BlitzWolf usb charger BW-S462.410Auto20/164Loose cable2018
Dodocool 3xusb 2xQC power adapter DA8552.412Auto + QC331/3752 x QC3Loose cable2018
CRDCsmart 5 port usb+QC2.0 PA-T152.49Auto + QC217/613Loose cable2017
10 port usb charger Ntonpower NUK-10P102.424Auto70/370Power switchLoose cable2017
justMobile AluCharge 4xUSB 6.4A charger PA-18842.46.2Auto12/152Loose cable2017
Chuwi Hi-Dock 4 usb desktop charger W-100436.4Auto+QC324/591Loose cable2017
4 port multi charger41.51.5Apple 2.1A155/820Loose cable2016
Caseflex 50W 6 port CF-AZ01-Z03862.410Auto36/719V & A displayLoose cable2016
Tronsmart 4 USB + 1 QC2 TS-UC5PC52.49.2QC2 + Auto28/1300Loose cable2016
Aukey 10 port wall charger QC3 PA-T8102.412QC3 + Auto30/754Loose cable2016
Orico 5 port usb charger CSE-5U52.45Auto12/184Loose cable2016
KKMoon 8 port YC-QCA1582.45DCP + (QC) + Apple 2.1A25/177Loose cable2016
Usb fast charger 6 port WLX-899615.5Apple 1A17/622V & A displayLoose cable2016
Xtar U112.49Auto55/560Loose cable2016
Allmaybe 6 port 60W CU662.412Auto21/240Loose cable2016
RAVpower Bolt 4 port desktop RP-UC0742.48Auto22/220Loose cable2016
60W 10 port usb charger W-838102.111Apple 2.1A180/2460Power switchLoose cable2016
Aukey 4+1 port usb PA-T152.48QC + Auto34/1280Loose cable2016
40W 5V 8A 5 Port F8J08852.46Apple 1A + Apple 2.1A + Samsung + DCP33/450Loose cable2015
Trust 5 usb 25W K-582552.15.2Apple 1A + 2.1A + Samsung + DCP9/220Loose cable2015
40W 5V/8A 5-Port Family-Sized Wall Charger52.58Auto45/1200Loose cable2015
Anker 60W 6-port A212362.512Auto34/500Loose cable2015
Linoya A3 4 Ports 4A USB USC-00142.54Auto + DCP25/900Loose cable2015
Linoya 4-Ports 4A USB A1642.14Apple 1A + 2.1 + DCP + Samsung33/900Loose cable2015
30W 5 port52.14Apple 0.5, + 2.1 + DCP + Samsung80/1350Loose cable2015
15W USB Power Adapter22.12.1Apple 2.1A + DCP174/1330Loose cable2015
Linoya USB Smart Charger LY-00142.56Auto50/1250Loose cable2015
Anker 40W 5-port 71AN710552.58Auto20/220Loose cable2015
BlitzWolf 40W 5 port usb charger52.18Auto14/180Loose cable2015

fail2The isolation fails at 2830 volt, non safety capacitor or very low distances
fail1The isolation fails at 4242 volt
fail0Isolation distance a bit low, but it did not fail safety tests
nofailThere is no failed safety checks in my test and inspection
okI have seen a passed safety test report (This happens very seldom)


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