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This page is about flashlights, batteries, chargers and sometimes other stuff.

Last additions: Efan IMR18650 2100mAh (Purple), USB meter: KCX-017, Charger Enova All-42-USB, Efan IMR18650 2000mAh (Red), Component tester MK-168, USB meter: Volt Current Voltage Charger Capacity Tester, Efan IMR18350 700mAh (Purple), Charger NiteCore Intellicharger D2, Efan IMR18650 3200mAh (Purple), USB meter: Online Test, Basen 18490 1100mAh BS186H (Black), Charger Enova All-41, AWT IMR18500 1200mAh (Yellow), USB meter: PortaPow Premium USB + DC Power Monitor, Basen 18650 1500mAh BS186F (Black)

Flashlight reviews

Flashlight reviews and beamshots.

Batteries and battery chargers

Battery and charger reviews, including comparison between batteries.

USB power supplies/chargers and USB power boxes

Review/test of USB equipment for charging.

Led driver tests

Led driver boards, these are used when modifying flashlights, reparing flashlights or build you own led lightning.

Anything else

Anything that does not fit in the above categories.

The Danish part of my website

This part is not update at the current time.

Other interesting sites

Fonarevka: all about flashlights

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