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This page is about batteries, chargers, flashlights and sometimes other stuff. Mostly it is reviews, but sometimes I do write articles.
To get stuff reviewed, please read this article about it.

Last additions: EAIEP ICR18650-26F 2600mAh (Pink), Mestek DM90S, Fenix ARE-D1, RD USB Meter AT35, 4 USB Port 12V to 5V car charger, LG 21700 M50T 5000mAh (Gray), BlitzWolf 30W PD charger BW-S11, Golisi IMR18350 1100mAh S11 (Black) 2019, Tronic AAA 1000mAh (Silver-Black), Making Arduino timing more precise, Dual USB Charger 2.1A, Tronic LC-Display IAN313693 HG04710A, Tronic AA 2400mAh (Black-green), Mestek CM81, Keeppower INR21700 4000mAh NH2140 (Black) 2019, Keweise (DANIU) USB meter KWS-MX18, Display HT16K33 4 digit 16 segments 0.8", Papalook QC3 charger QC308, Golisi i4, LG 18650 M26 2600mAh (Purple), QC2-3 Trigger QCGET, Essager QC+PD Car charger FQC23, Tronic AA 2500mAh (Black-Silver), Keeppower INR21700 5000mAh NM2150 (Black) 2019, Power output point, Mustool X3, Keeppower INR21700 3000mAh NM2130 (Black) 2019, UGreen QC3 charger 36W CD161, Fujitsu AAA HR-4UTI 750mAh (Blue), Keeppower INR20700 3500mAh NH2035 (Black) 2019, Display HT16K33 6 digit 14 segments 0.54", GH Power Charger XY-186BS, 4 Port Rapid Cigarette USB Car Charger With 5V 6.8A, Vapcell INR18650 2600mAh G26 (Red) 2019, iSee mini USB 5V 2.5A (Haier), Duracell AAA Ultra 900mAh (Green-Copper), Vapcell INR18650 2000mAh G20 (Purple) 2019, Converter DC-DC 3-6V to 9V 5W SD XMDZ, USB-C PD 45W FA-045WPD, Varta AAA 1000mAh 5703 (Green-silver), Aerocell AA, Ravpower Car Charger Super-C 24W RP-PC022, Vapcell INR18350 1100mAh (Purple) 2019, DlyFull B2 Universal LCD Battery Tester, Dlyfull D1 Smart Charger

A automatic meter with fairly limited number of ranges: Banggood MESTEK DM90S, My review

A clamp meter that has ranges from 6A to 600AAC: Banggood MESTEK CM81, My review

A simple USB meter with good functionality: Banggood DANIU Digital 10 in 1 Colorful LCD Display USB Tester, My review

A four slot LiIon and NiMH charger with a nice display: Banggood Golisi i4 (aff. link), My review

A cheap clamp meter measure AAC, Volt, ohm and temperature, it has a auto mode: Banggood Mustool X3(aff. link), My review

Batteries and battery chargers

Battery and charger reviews, including comparison between batteries.

USB power supplies/chargers and USB power boxes

Review/test of USB equipment for charging.

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Index of all my articles, these articles is also listed on the different category pages.

DMM information and reviews

Reviews and articles about DMM's


This is projects I make, this may be test equipment, software or other stuff. Some of it will just show what I made, other will contain information to duplicate id.

Led driver tests

Led driver boards, these are used when modifying flashlights, reparing flashlights or build you own led lightning.

Flashlight reviews

Flashlight reviews and beamshots.

Anything else

Anything that does not fit in the above categories.

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