Index of reviewed round cell chargers (Mains power input)

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ImageCharger nameSlotsBattery
Max. current
all slots
Max. single
slot current
Min. single
slot current
Xtar X2232-7710-26120.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB, MainsV, mAh2020
Xtar X44 (2)31-7210-26120.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB, MainsV, mAh, Power Bank2020
Doublepow DP-K209444-5010-
Tronic LC-Display IAN313693 HG04710A444-5010-140.450.450.45NiMHMainsUSB charger2019
Dlyfull D1 Smart Charger444-5010-, MainsV2019
Joinrun S44 (2)30-6910-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, MainsV, mAh, Analyzer, IR2019
TrustFire TR-0126 (3)31-6910-, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2019
Panasonic BQ-CC75444-5010- charger2019
Eizfan Pro Q4 Intelligent Charger4 (2)29-7010-26111LiIon 4.2VMains2019
Eizfan Pro Q2 Intelligent Charger229-7010-26111LiIon 4.2VMains2019
NiteCore LC101 (1)1-991-99111LiIon 4.2VUSB, Mains, Mains adapter includedPower Bank2019
LiitoKala Lii-PD44 (2)31-7110-320.521NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO412V, MainsV, mAh2019
Golisi O4 Smart charger4 (2)32-7110-320.521NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2019
Golisi O2 Smart charger232-7010-32121NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsUSB charger2019
Efan Air M8 Intelligent Charger8 (2)30-7710-320.521NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2018
Xtar D44 (2)31-7210-26120.5LiIon 4.2VMains2018
Xtar D22 (1)56-7210-21122LiIon 4.2VMains2018
PALO C906W444-6410-330.90.90.9NiMHMains9V charge2018
Uniross Charger LCD 3-5H444-5010-140.450.450.2NiMHMains2018
Golisi S2232-7010-26120.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsV, mAh, Power Bank2018
Brillipower BIC-2234-7010-260.511NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2018
UltraFire H2 (HXY-H2)232-7110-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, MainsV2018
Nitecore Intellicharger i88 (4)28-7010-320.451.50.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsUSB charger2018
Sofirn 8 slots AA/AAA844-5010-
Armytek Uni C2230-7110-32110.1NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO412V, Mains2018
Panasonic BQ-CC65444-5010-, mAh, Analyzer, USB charger2018
Efest LUC Blu6 20176 (2)26-7010-260.520.5LiIon 4.2VMainsV, (Bluetooth)2017
Efest LUSH Q4 Charger 20174 (2)27-7010-260.522LiIon 4.2VMains2017
SODA Dual Battery Charger 20172 (1)29-7010-26110.5LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2017
Nitecore SC44 (2)28-7010-321.530.3NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO412V, MainsV, mAh, USB charger, IR2017
Nitecore Intellicharger new i4 20174 (2)28-7010-320.371.50.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO412V, Mains2017
Efest PRO C4 Charger 20174 (2)31-7010-260.511LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2017
Golisi S44 (2)32-7010-320.521NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsV, mAh2017
Kongin KC-262a444-5010- charge2017
Efest PRO C2 Charger 2017231-7110-26111LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2017
Efest LUSH Q2 Charger 2017228-7010-26122LiIon 4.2VMains2017
Crelant CD80231-7510-320.60.60.6NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2017
Panasonic BQ-CC57444-5010- Bank, USB charger2017
Panasonic BQ-CC55444-5010-
Nitecore SC2227-7010-32230.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO412V, MainsUSB charger2017
Nitecore Intellicharger new i2 2016227-7110-320.510.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO412V, Mains2017
Miboxer C44 (2)29-6910-, LiIon 4.2VMainsV, Analyzer, IR2017
Panasonic BQ-CC51E444-5010-
JetBeam i4 Pro4 (2)30-6910-260.350.70.7NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2016
PSPower MC4024 (2)29-6710-260.350.70.7NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsPower Bank2016
PSPower NC402444-5010-
PSPower NC401444-5010-, Mains9V charger2016
Varta LCD Plug charger 57677444-5010- charger, 9V charger2016
GP ReCyko+ / PowerBank H500 (GPPB50GS)444-5010-, Mains2016
Xiamen Nanfu HG-1412W4 (2)28-6910-320.30.50.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO4Mains2016
Xiamen Nanfu HG-1206W230-6910-, LiIon 4.2VMains2016
Varta Plug Charger 57647444-5010-
Varta Mini Charger 57646244-5010-
Efest LUC Blu6 OLED6 (2)32-7110-260.520.5LiIon 4.2VMainsV, Bluetooth2016
Bowei HC-103W130-6910-
Skilhunt M2230-7010-, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2016
Panasonic BQ-CC18444-5010-
Duracell 4h CEF14444-5010-140.350.350.15NiMHMains2015
Duracell 45min CEF27444-5010-
GP ReCyko+ Quick3444-5010- charger2015
NiteCore Intellicharger i1128-7110-26110.5LiIon 4.2VMainsUSB charger, EGO charger2015
Panasonic BQ-CC51444-5010-
Klarus Smart Charge C2230-6910-, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsPower Bank2015
Nokoser DigiCharge D2S231-7110-, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB, MainsV, mAh2015
Tenergy T4s4 (2)30-7110-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, Mains2015
Klarus CH4s4 (2)30-7110-260.510.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB, MainsV, mAh2015
HuanGao Universal Dual Channel AC Charger HG-1206W230-6910- 4.2VMains2015
Energizer Intelligent Charger CHP42EU444-5010-
Energizer Maxi Compact Charger444-5010-
TrustFire TR-005130-7216- 4.2V, LiFePO4Mains2015
Panasonic BQ-CC17444-5010-140.350.350.2NiMHMains2015
ThorFire430-7110-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsV2015
Panasonic BQ-CC16444-5010-
Enova All-21238-6910-, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsPower Bank2014
Enova All-20231-7110-32110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsV2014
NiteCore Intellicharger D2230-6910-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, MainsV2014
Enova All-414 (2)30-6910-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, Mains2014
NiteCore Intellicharger D44 (1)30-6910-260.380.750.3NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, MainsV2014
Enova All-404 (2)31-7110-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsV2014
NiteCore Intellicharger i2 2014230-6910-, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2014
NiteCore Intellicharger i4 20144 (2)30-6910-260.350.70.7NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2014
Ikea Ladda YH-990BF444-5010-14111NiMHMains2014
Efest SODA 2014230-7110-18110.5LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2014
TrustFire TR-006230-7110- 4.2V, LiFePO412V, Mains2014
TrustFire TR-008350-7510-320.90.90.9NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, MainsPower Bank2013
ThruNite MCC-44 (2)31-7010-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, MainsV2013
Heseny HXY-18650-2A (4.35 volt)265-7018- 4.35VMains2013
Cytac CY-U18D230-7010-260.450.450.45NiMH, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2013
Shan SH-168DLCD444-5010-140.510.6NiMHMainsV, mAh, Analyzer2013
Enedepots A84 (2)35-7010-260.30.650.95NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO412V, Mains2013
TrustFire TR-001234-7010- 4.2V, LiFePO412V, Mains2013
Fenix ARE-C1265-6716- 4.2V12V, Mains2013
Sysmax/NiteCore i2230-7010-, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2012
SysMax/NiteCore Intellicharger i4 V24 (1)34-7010-, LiIon 4.2V12V, Mains2012
Cytac CY-015234-6810- 4.2V12V, Mains2011


My ratings will not always match the one in the review, this is because I can only use a single rating here, without any comments.
RatingsBadBad, this means completey hopeless. Any charger that significantly overcharge LiIon or fail the safety checks will get this rating
RatingsUseableUsable, the charger works, but there are some serious problems
RatingsAcceptableAcceptable, the charger do a decent job
RatingsFairlyGoodFairly good, there is a few hassles
RatingsGoodGood, everything basically works as it is supposed to
RatingsVeryGoodVery good, just about perfect
RatingsMultipleSomething is good, something not, check the review
RatingsNoneNo rating


For a typical NiMH charger the min. current will be for a AAA cell and the two other currents will be for AA cells. Red numbers in the current fields means the slots works in pairs. The size specifications will always be 50-44 and 14-10 (AA is 50x14 and AAA is 44x10). Timer based chargers will always get a low rating

With reviews from 2013 and before battery length may be estimated, not measured.