Index of reviewed round cell chargers (USB power input)

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ImageCharger nameSlotsBattery
Max. current
all slots
Max. single
slot current
Min. single
slot current
Xtar VC2S230-7010-26120.4NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSBV, mAh, Power Bank, USB charger, IR2018
Woyum ZK1a133-7710-26111NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB2018
Folomov Key Charger130-7518-21222LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank2018
ISDT A4444-5010-140.2510.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO4USB2018
Woyum ZK6644-5010-140.510.3NiMHUSBV, mAh2018
Doublepow DP-U03344-5010-
Leise NiMH 2 slots LS-U2C244-5010-
Basen BO-1128-7010-26220.5LiIon 4.2VUSB2018
Xtar PB2264-6618-18122LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2018
NicJoy A03 Dual2 (2)33-7010-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBPower Bank2018
GP Recyko+ Pro U411244-5010-
LiitoKala Lii-S1133-7010-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBV2018
LiitoKala Lii-4024 (2)33-7010-260.520.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBUSB charger2018
NiteCore F2229-7110-32110.5LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank2018
Golisi i2231-7110-26121NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSBV, mAh2018
Golisi i1132-7110-26220.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSBV, mAh2018
PortaPow AA+AAA usb battery charger444-5010-140.30.750.75NiMHUSB2017
Folomov A11 (1)30-15010-501.21.21.2LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2017
Efest PRO C1 Charger 2017130-7010-26111LiIon 4.2VUSB2017
Soshine T22 (2)31-7110-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO4USB, Mains adapter includedV, mAh2017
Hexinyu HXY-H1135-7010-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSBV2017
Xtar MC44 (2)31-7116-260.510.5LiIon 4.2VUSB2017
Fenix ARE-X1+133-6910-26111NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSBV2017
Klarus K1 Smart Charger132-7310-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB2017
Miboxer C2 3000233-7210-321.51.50.1NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB, 12VV, mAh, IR2017
Allmaybe EC2233-7010-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBPower Bank2017
Olight UC11-9910-990.80.80.8NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB2017
Xtar MC6 Queen Ant6 (2)30-7210-260.510.5LiIon 4.2V2xUSB2016
LiitoKala Lii-202233-7010-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBPower Bank2016
Miller ML-106 V1.0116-6916- 4.2VUSBPower Bank2016
NiteCore F1129-7110-26110.5LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2016
Xtar ANT - MC1Plus131-7110-26110.5LiIon 4.2VUSB2016
Xiaomi ZI5 PB400444-5010- Bank2016
Fenix ARE-X1165-7116-26111LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2016
Ikea Vinninge 403.036.32244-5010-
Opus BT-C100133-7310-321.620.2NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB, 12V, Mains adapter includedV, mAh, Analyzer, Power Bank, USB charger, IR2016
Keeppower L1 4.20V129-7116-26110.5LiIon 4.2VUSBV2016
Keeppower L2230-7010-26110.5LiIon 4.2VUSB, Mains adapter includedV2016
LiitoKala Lii-100133-7010-32110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBPower Bank2016
Skilhunt M1133-7010-32110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USBPower Bank2016
Thrunite U1131-6910-26111NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB2015
ML-102 V9.0 2015165-6516- 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2015
Xtar VC2 Plus Master231-7110-26110.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2015
Tomo V6-2230-6710-, LiIon 4.2VUSB2015
Miller ML105 V1.0164-6916- 4.2VUSB2015
Nokoser DigiCharge D2S231-7110-, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB, MainsV, mAh2015
Nokoser DigiCharge D4u4 (2)30-7110-260.510.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB, Mains adapter includedV, mAh, Power Bank2015
Klarus CH4s4 (2)30-7110-260.510.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2V, LiIon 4.35V, LiFePO4USB, MainsV, mAh2015
Micro 18650 Battery USB165-7016- 4.2VUSB2015
GoalZero Guide10Plus444-5010-, otherPower Bank2015
ML-102 V8.0 2015165-6516- 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2015
Soshine SC-C5 NiMH + LiFePO4444-5010-, LiFePO4USB, 12V, Mains adapter included2015
Xtar MC1Plus130-7110-26110.5LiIon 4.2VUSB2015
Klarus CH1131-6910-26111NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB, 12VPower Bank2015
USB AA-AAA244-5010-
Xtar VC44 (2)30-7110-320.510.5NiMH, LiIon 4.2VUSB, otherV, mAh2015
Danae DUO 9000244-5010-140.350.40.4NiMHUSB, 12V, other, Mains adapter includedPower Bank2015
Panasonic BQ-CC14244-5010-
ML-102 V7.1 2015165-6516- 4.2VUSBPower Bank, USB charger2015
NiteCore UM10130-6910- 4.2VUSBUSB charger2015
NiteCore UM20230-6910-18110.5LiIon 4.2VUSBUSB charger2015
Xtar VC2230-7114- 4.2VUSBV, mAh2014
Xtar MC22 (1)31-7110- 4.2VUSB, Mains adapter included2014
Xtar MC1131-7214- 4.2VUSB2014
Soshine H2 V2231-7210-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO4USB, 12V, Mains adapter includedV, mAh, 9V charger, 9V LiIon2014
Efest Xsmart131-7214-18111LiIon 4.2VUSB, 12VPower Bank2014
Xtar MC0131-5210- 4.2VUSB2014
Efest Xblack131-7114-18111LiIon 4.2VUSB, 12V, Mains adapter included2013
Soshine H2231-7210-, LiIon 4.2V, LiFePO4USB, 12V, Mains adapter includedV, mAh2013
Xtar XP1131-5210-, LiIon 4.2VUSB2013
CottonPickers Basic 100mA11-995-990.10.10.1LiIon 4.2VUSB2013
Soshine SC-S7126-7010-, LiIon 4.2VUSB, 12V, Mains adapter includedV, mAh2012
Xtar MP2234-3414- 4.2V, LiFePO4USB2011


My ratings will not always match the one in the review, this is because I can only use a single rating here, without any comments.
RatingsBadBad, this means completey hopeless. Any charger that significantly overcharge LiIon or fail the safety checks will get this rating
RatingsUseableUsable, the charger works, but there are some serious problems
RatingsAcceptableAcceptable, the charger do a decent job
RatingsFairlyGoodFairly good, there is a few hassles
RatingsGoodGood, everything basically works as it is supposed to
RatingsVeryGoodVery good, just about perfect
RatingsMultipleSomething is good, something not, check the review
RatingsNoneNo rating


For a typical NiMH charger the min. current will be for a AAA cell and the two other currents will be for AA cells. Red numbers in the current fields means the slots works in pairs. The size specifications will always be 50-44 and 14-10 (AA is 50x14 and AAA is 44x10). Timer based chargers will always get a low rating

With reviews from 2013 and before battery length may be estimated, not measured.