Index of all tested USB power supplies/chargers

ImageCharger nameUSB portsPort currentTotal currentStandardNoiseSafetyYear
Fake Apple10,50,5DCP124/9502013
Ioncell422Apple 1A + Samsung10/1802013
Skross21,21,2Apple 1A24/6002013
USB 1A10,550,55Apple 0.5A133/7802013
Fake RIM10,650,65DCP246/15402013
goobay 4400410,90,9Apple 1A66/3002013
goobay 42665222Apple 2.1A9/3202013
Fake Apple10,450,45DCP124/8102013
Courier TF-B90810,350,35D+/GND148/7672013
Nillkin AC Adapter 2.0A122DCP12/1142014
HTC TC EC250111DCP18/2402014
Samsung ETA U90EWE (fake)12,12,1Samsung26/3402015
LG MCS-01ER11,21,2DCP12/3002015
SU100 unbranded usb charger20,90,9DCP/2015
ETA-U90EWE 3 port charger31,81,8Samsung + Apple 1A + DCP130/13002015
Eachine PA40W 5 channel usb power supply/charger52,48Auto16/1642015
UK A129910,40,4DCP190/12002015
2A charger10,750,75DCP120/10002015
Enerpower Flypower USB 2A (PS10A050K2000EU)12,12,1DCP11/1402015
2A dual port charger22,12,1Apple 2.1A + DCP117/7002015
Apple USB power adapter model A1400111DCP12/882015
UK A1299/S100010,950,95DCP144/8602015
USB Desktop Charger 12A62,110Apple 1A/2.1A + DCP + Samsung70/35002015
Apple 12W USB power adapter model A140112,52,5Apple 2.533/3902015
6 port 4A62,14Apple 2.1A + Samsung52/5102015
LDNIO DL-AC59 Dual usb 2.4A22,42,4Apple 2.5 + DCP30/4602015
goobay 43747 usb 1A111DCP22/4202015
LDNIO DL-AC50 usb 1A10,90,9Apple 1A180/9902015
30W USB Desktop Charger62,55Apple 1A + Samsung + DCP74/10002015
6 port 30 watt62,16Apple 1A + Apple 2.1A + Samsung + DCP40/11002015
Xtar WallAdapter 2.1A (model: FJ-SW1260502100UE)12,12,1Apple 2.1A5/802015
LDNIO DL-AC318 Triple usb 2.1A32,12,1Apple 2.1 + Samsung47/3102015
LDNIO DL-AC52 Dual usb 2.4A22,52,5Apple 2.5 + DCP45/8102015
BlitzWolf 40W 5 port usb charger52,18Auto14/1802015
Samsung ETA-U90UWE (Probably fake)122?59/9502015
Anker 40W 5-port 71AN710552,58Auto20/2202015
Lindy 4 port usb High power travel charger42,55Auto110/24502015
Linoya USB Smart Charger LY-00142,56Auto50/12502015
15W USB Power Adapter22,12,1Apple 2.1A + DCP174/13302015
30W 5 port52,14Apple 0.5, + 2.1 + DCP + Samsung80/13502015
Linoya 4-Ports 4A USB A1642,14Apple 1A + 2.1 + DCP + Samsung33/9002015
Linoya A3 4 Ports 4A USB USC-00142,54Auto + DCP25/9002015
Linoya A4 3 Ports 3A USB USC-006322Auto + DCP57/23002015
5V 1.2A Microsoft Japan 162111,21,2DCP11/1002015
6-Ports 30W USB charger62,16Apple 1A+2.1A + DCP + Samsung32/9702015
Anker 60W 6-port A212362,512Auto34/5002015
Orico 4 port USB charging station DCP-4US42,16Auto + Apple 1A22/3502015
BlitzWolf 24W Dual wall charger22,55Auto20/5702015
Xiaomi 3 USB Power Strip32,13Auto25/3902015
Mean Well GS05E-USB111DCP16/4402015
40W 5V/8A 5-Port Family-Sized Wall Charger52,58Auto45/12002015
Tmashi 5 port 4A52,14Apple 2.1A + Samsung69/5702015
Lidu Dual USB Power Adapter / Travel Charger21,61,6Apple 1A + Samsung82/3402015
Trust 5 usb 25W K-582552,15,2Apple 1A + 2.1A + Samsung + DCP9/2202015
goobay 67930 Dual usb 4.2A22,14,2Apple 2.1A80/17002015
Voltcraft SPS-2400-2+22,44,8Apple 2.5A70/17002015
goobay 44004 usb 1A111HP90/4902015
40W 5V 8A 5 Port F8J08852,46Apple 1A + Apple 2.1A + Samsung + DCP33/4502015
Ikea Koppla32,43,4Auto30/3482015
Tronsmart USB Rapid Wall charger TS-WC1Q122QC + DCP22/4102016
Aukey 4+1 port usb PA-T152,48QC + Auto34/12802016
Hoco Dual USB 5V 2.4A Travel Charger UH20122,12,1DCP90/13002016
Aukey USB Turbo charger PA-U2812,12,1QC + DCP24/1902016
Orico 4-Port Wall USB charger DCA-4U42,56,8Auto10/1702016
60W 10 port usb charger W-838102,111Apple 2.1A180/24602016
BlitzWolf 18W QC3 BW-S5133QC3 + Auto24/3172016
Flypower 1A PS08B050K (Enerpower)111DCP18/3702016
Simsukian 2A SK22G-0500200Z (Enerpower)22,12,1Apple 2.1A25/4602016
Nohon 3C double usb charger22,42,4Auto19/1772016
Power cube22,12,1Apple 2.1A107/8032016
Nohon 3C usb charger111DCP23/4722016
3.1A 3 port usb charger311Apple 1A + Samsung + DCP133/12002016
2A Dual EU USB Wall AC Adapter21,51,5Apple 1A + Samsung71/7342016
Hoco 4 port usb 4.5A UH40142,44,5Auto29/3402016
2A Dual port USB211Unknown217/10802016
RAVpower Bolt 4 port desktop RP-UC0742,48Auto22/2202016
BlitzWolf 30W QC3.0 Dual-Port USB Adapter BW-S622,44,4Auto + QC334/2702016
Ravpower 30W Dual SUB Turbo+ wall charger RP-PC006235,5Auto + QC319/2002016
Allmaybe 6 port 60W CU662,412Auto21/2402016
Lenovo/Fuyuan C-P3011,51,5DCP25/2302016
8 port usb charger YC-CDA682,19Apple 2.1A + DCP107/12002016
3A 2 port USB EP-TA10UWE221,5Apple 2.1A + Samsung190/15002016
Voxlink 18W QC3 CEHC037712,72,7QC319/2552016
Xtar U112,49Auto55/5602016
Usb fast charger 6 port WLX-899615,5Apple 1A17/6222016
Konig 1A CS10UW001WH111DCP19/2442016
KKMoon 8 port YC-QCA1582,45DCP + (QC) + Apple 2.1A25/1772016
Orico 5 port usb charger CSE-5U52,45Auto12/1842016
Konig Home charger IPD-Power30111Apple 1A64/3882016
Aukey 10 port wall charger QC3 PA-T8102,412QC3 + Auto30/7542016
IKX 1 USB Quick Charge PT01133QC220/5302016
Tronsmart 4 USB + 1 QC2 TS-UC5PC59,22,4QC2 + Auto28/13002016
HQ Universal USB charger P.SUP.USB401111Apple 1A70/4232016
Dual USB EU AC Power Adapter22,52,4Apple 2.1A + Samsung126/7232016
LK FUGA Stikkontakt 2pol med jord og USB111DCP36/4812016
Caseflex 50W 6 port CF-AZ01-Z03862,410Auto36/7192016
2A Dual port XHC1021,51,5Apple 1A + Samsung134/12502016
4 port multi charger41,51,5Apple 2.1A155/8202016
Energizer 2 usb Wall Charger AC2UEU211Apple 1A55/3532016
Monie 1.5A usb charger XH-20111Apple 1A260/26902016
Konig 1A+2.4A CS34UW001BL22,43,4Auto + DCP9/1702016
Tronsmart 2 USB + 1 QC2 TS-WC3PC37,12,4Auto+QC257/13002016
Belkin Micro Home Charger111Apple 1A12/2682017
Bandridge BPC4066EC10,60,6Apple 2.1A6/432017
HQ Universal USB charger dual output P.SUB.USB402211Apple 2.4A98/4592017
Konig 2x2.4A CS48UW001BL22,44,8Auto75/13772017
Energizer High Tech Mains charger 336111Apple 1A15/2482017
Enerpower Wall adapter EP-L12 2.4A+1A22,43,4Auto + DCP18/2022017
Konig Home charger dual usb IPD-Power4020,51Apple 2.4A114/13062017
Enerpower Wall adapter EP-L17 2.4A+1A22,44,4Auto + DCP55/1192017
Enerpower Wall adapter EP-18WQC3B (Flypower PS18Q090K2000EU)133QC3 + Auto28/4762017
Enerpower Wall adapter EP-L13 2x2.4A22,44,5Auto68/8732017
5V 2A Dual USB Port Wall Power Outlet KI0921,61,6DCP21/1732017
Chuwi Hi-Charger QC3 A-100133QC314/2262017
Hama Flush socket with two USB ports22,12,1DCP25/2682017